Thursday, November 20, 2008

Only four more working days!!

YESS!! Next Wednesday is my last day working at my current job. I am SO looking forward to being my own boss again. I haven't had time to actually get excited about this new venture in my life because all week I have been battling this awful crud that is going around. It has caused my skin to break out something awful especially around my nose,and so, needless to say I am not a pretty sight!! I got my doctor to finally call me in some pretty strong antibiotics so hopefully I can feel better for Thanksgiving and the family photo shoot we have scheduled for the following Saturday. On a happier note, my grandmother is visiting me and we always enjoy her coming over. We love her so much.
I will be going to "market" this Saturday to purchase some merchandise that I will have on hand for my holiday open house on the 5th and 6th. We always have so much fun with these and I love meeting other ladies who are at home crafters and home based businesses.
Well, I guess I better go off to bed now.

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