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A few weeks ago I came across and ad on Facebook for prescription skin care that supposedly treats melasma and acne. I have been battling cystic acne now for over 30 years! My triggers are dairy products, which really sucks because I'd have to give up cheese, yogurt and ice cream! I try to limit my intake of dairy products but once in a while I cave. I've had to take doxycycline in the past along with Epiduo cream and I've even been prescribed Retin A 0.5%. 
Now, going to the dermatologist and getting scripts can add up to hundreds of dollars. Having seen the ad and clicking through the website, I decided to give it a shot. The ad showed the two week trial size to cost about $6 with shipping, so I answered the questions and put my credit card info in. In a few hours the medical team emailed me with a treatment plan that they put into a secure website, and asked me if I had any questions. I went online and looked at the recommended products and okayed all of it. 
I was excited to receive my products for 
Withagency is the same team as Curology. However, the withagency skin care line is more of an anti aging line of products. 
I started using the products just as it was prescribed. If you want to see a video of my reviews, you can watch that on my TikTok over there >>>>>>

As you can see the trial sizes are pretty small. I found that I ran out of the Future formula (the yellow container) before the two weeks were out. 
Here is my before picture: No makeup, no filters

You can see the melasma on my cheeks and around my nostrils, and white heads along with bumps all along my forehead. Also, I am 52 years old. I tried to take the photos in the same light, but you know it varies with a camera phone. 

You can see here the peeling that started by me using the products. When I contacted the medical professional she stated that I could use the tretinoin formula mixed in with the moisturizer to minimize peeling. Also, it's very important to use sunscreen when going out as the Vitamin A derivative will lighten your skin. Here is the photo of the peeling. 

In this photo, above you can see where the melasma has begun to diminish and the redness is starting to disappear around the nostril.
After three weeks of use, you can see the melasma further diminish on my cheek and around my nose. There is still some redness visible around the nostril and I'm hoping it will disappear as time goes by. 

It does take 6-8 weeks for skin to fall off and new skin cells to emerge. I am going to be patient and continue to use the products. Already, my skin feels so much softer and taut. When I apply my makeup there is a slight glow and my makeup goes on a lot smoother. The whiteheads on my forehead have disappeared and I am so hopeful that I will have beautiful skin! 
The full size products were a total of $160 and I am supposed to get them every 60 days. 
I will report to you guys on my skin care journey. I am not being paid for this review, nor did I get these products free. 
You can follow along on my journey on my TikTok account and on Instagram. 


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