Sunday, August 6, 2017

Entry Bench Transformation with Milk Paint

Hello friends:
It's been awhile :)
I've been so busy with life and work. Well you know how that goes. I have been meaning to share with y'all this really cute project I finished, way back in the Spring. Yikes.
I wanted to put a cute little bench of some sort right outside our front door of the apartment. It's not the brightest spot but I thought I could liven it up a bit with something. 
I got this little bench on one of the Facebook garage sales. 
Then the good folks from The Real Milk Paint Company graciously offered me a couple of samples! Yay! I knew I wanted a fun color so I picked the gorgeous Beach Glass. 
It's a pretty blue that would add a nice punch of color to my drab entry. 
Milk paint is a really good paint to use for those projects where you want a nice distressed look or you can do several coats to make it look more "polished". The choice is yours. Plus because it's milk paint it doesn't have that awful paint smell or fumes. It's safe to use around children and pets. In fact, I had a cute little helper when I was painting. :)
So here's the before pic:

It's just a nice little bench. I don't even think it's real wood.

I started off by cleaning it off with just a damp paper towel. I made sure to get into all the crevices and wiped over and under. Next, I gathered all my supplies:
My paint brush, a mixing bowl, the Beachglass paint can, paper towels, a plastic throw, a cheap brush for the wax application and some clean rags for the wax. 
I started by mixing just a little bit of the Real Milk Paint in Beachglass powder in a bowl and added water according to the instructions. The can contained the bag of milk paint powder, and even a little marble to mix it in the can if you chose to. 
You can use it all in the can or you can use another container to thoroughly mix it. 
Once I got the consistency nice and smooth, I started applying it directly to the bench. What I love about this, is the fast drying time. I started with the under side, so I flipped the bench over so I could get the legs. 

                              They also sent me the Warm Ash paint color which I will use on another project. 
                 Here's how it comes packaged in the can for easy mixing. 
I turned the bench over. You can see my progress here. 

You can see the end result above. See how cool it looks all distressed? It was simply applied with the brush. I did no sanding at all. I left it for a couple of hours then came back and applied the soft wax. I have to tell you, some of the waxes out there really do stink but this one did not bother me. It was not strong scented at all. The pics above are from my garage. I tried to take some good pics in my front entry way but the light is awful. I took it out to the light and snapped this one:

It was pretty bright out but you get the jist :)
You can find out more about this gorgeous and easy to use paint here.

Look at some of the beautiful paint colors they carry.

I can't wait to use it again. 
Thanks to the Real Milk Paint Company for those useful samples. 

I'll be back soon. I promise. 
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