Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas-Apartment Dining Reveal

Merry Christmas!
I'm back to share with you my Christmas post.
Remember how I told you we severely downsized to an apartment? 
Well I've been unpacking and trying to find all my things that are packed up in boxes. 
I finally found my fabric that I bought a couple of years ago to re do my chairs!

So I set out to recover my chairs and paint my table in one weekend. 
Pretty agressive of me don't you think?
Well what I failed to remember not to forget was the 
location of our STAPLE GUN.
Facebook to the rescue. My daughter's MIL had an electric one I borrowed. Made things a lot easier to staple. 
Now, re-covering chairs may seem like a simple task and well it is-until you actually start to do it. 
There are millions of staples to remove. 
First I took them off and used that fabric as templates for my new fabric. My mom helped me cut.
Then I had to figure out how to staple it on so the staples wouldn't show on the chairs. Some of those pieces were extra hard. I mean, the backs of the chairs are solid and a real challenge to staple through. But I did it! Here in pictures is the story:
                      Cushions removed

                   I had to fold over and staple so the other staples wouldn't show. This is covered up by the wood back on the chair.

                         Stapling the corners-fold and pull taut.
         Tool I used to remove the staples. You can get it at Home Depot or Joann.
                          One down.....

I also painted my black table white in one evening. I painted it with Fusion brand Mineral Paint in Casement.
After I let it dry over night, I applied two coats of water based poly letting them dry for about 6 hours in between.
And here's the result.

And after all that 
I was finally ready to decorate our humble abode for Christmas Eve dinner:

The glittered trees were made by me by simply cutting out shapes with my Cricut Explore and hot gluing it to a cone shape made out of poster board. 
The table runner is some black bulletin board paper I had. I simply wrote on it with my metallic marker.
I am yet to finish decorating on top of that shelf that we hung over the table. I'll post on that later. 
But in the meantime, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my little family. 
And I love that my little family could enjoy a pretty space to eat. 



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  1. It is without a doubt absolutely difficult when you are downsizing from a much larger home. There is just too much to get rid of in order not to overload the movers with unnecessary junk which you would dispose of on your own eventually. The key is to stay organized and de-clutter way earlier than the actual moving day.


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