Friday, August 15, 2014

Protect Your Privacy and Your iPhone

am reviewing this awesome pouch for your smartphone simply because it
has been so hard to find something that truly protects your phone.
before I get into the positives, I'd like to point out that this is a
protective case. You cannot talk while it is in its case.
With that being said, I received a free Snugg case for me to review. 
I did not receive any compensation for this and I only will share what I really like with you guys.
case is for my iPhone 4S but they have them for a variety of phones. I
like it because I can carry it in my purse without having my phone get
all scratched up. 
can also keep it on my desk at work ready to make a call while still
maintaining privacy in case I step away and I receive a text or phone
In the past, I'd have to cover up my phone with a note pad or anything I could find when I stepped away. 
Here's how it works:


 The case itself is very well made and is aesthetically pleasing.

    Snugg also makes cases for other phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy. I'm thinking of getting one for my iPad as well.

It would be so useful when traveling :)

This would make a great gift especially with the holidays creeping up on us (did I just type that?!)

The Snugg iPhone 4/4S Pouch Case in premium distressed brown leather.

case has been designed to provide the perfect fit for your iPhone 4/4S.
The sides have been reinforced to give a sturdy and supportive hold,
while the soft, brown, nubuck fibre interior, keeps your phone snugg and
free from scratches. With a brown stitch finish along all the edges and
the Snugg logo pressed into the corner, this case looks and feels high
quality. We've included a great, easy to access place to keep business,
bank and oyster cards - there is a card slot on the back of the case!
the front of the case there is a tab, debossed with the Snugg icon,
which pulls out to pop your iPhone out of the pouch. The tab is on a
strong elastic strap that retracts quickly back into place when you
release it. The tab is also magnetic so it sticks to the side of the
case, meaning it always stays in place.
We think this product is great, it also comes in black leather and a tan suede. As with all our products it comes with the Snugg Promise of high quality materials and craftsmanship and a Lifetime Guarantee.

Anywho, I think you guys would like this case and I thought I'd share my thoughts about it with you. Again, I think it affords the most protection because your screen is completely covered. It does have small speaker perforations on the bottom so you can hear it. 

You can buy them here:

And I am really loving this stylus pen that attaches 
to your smartphone or tablet via the earphone jack.

 Can you say "clean screen"? 
Yeah, my iPad and phone's screens are yucky. 

Come back soon as I share more of the things I like and my DIY projects. 


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