Monday, December 30, 2013

EZ and Delicious Chicken in Cilantro

I have a super easy and delicious chicken, crock pot recipe for you today. 
It is my mother's "pollo encilantrado" recipe.
It translates to cilantro chicken.
 Perfect for those cold winter days.
Here's what you will need:
crock pot
4 chicken thighs
2 small cans of Herdez brand salsa verde
one cube of Knorr chicken bouillon
fresh cilantro

Start by putting your chicken thighs to cook in the crock pot on slow for about 4 hours  or until fully cooked.
Once they are done, pour in both cans of the salsa verde, cube of buillon and fresh cilantro to taste ( I add a handfull of cilantro)
Continue slow cooking for about 45 minutes. 
Stir to make sure all chicken is coated.
That's it!
I then debone the chicken but at this time the chicken is already falling off the bone. 
I love thighs because dark meat is usually not as dry as white meat but you can use any cut.
I love to make tacos out of this. 
Just warm up some corn tortillas and fill with your 
chicken cilantro. Serve with rice.
I love to leave this cooking on Sundays while I am at church.
We come home and just finish it off and voila!
Lunch is served.
I am going to try making some tamales with this pollo encilantrado as the filling.
What, you didn't know that I make tamales?
Well I just learned how!
I will put the tutorial up this week after I make them for New Year's Eve tomorrow and take photos. 
I forgot to take photos of this recipe so here are some stock photos:


Have fun making this recipe!

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