Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blog Changes

New Blog Name!
I am so excited.
I have been thinking about revamping this blog
for quite some time.
I just didn't know how or what direction it should go.
I finally decided that I wanted to re-name it
to something that would reflect more what I feel about life.
If you are a follower, you know all the ups and downs I've been through the past couple of years.
How I love to savor every little bit of my life.
And so here it is.
My new blog name and theme:
How Sweet It Is

That's how I feel about life, love, family, and my extraordinary, ordinary days :)

So, come with me and savor all that life has to offer.
I hope that you too will find yourself humming...
How sweet it is....



p.s. the blog address is the same only the name changed. In the future I will get a new domain name and redirect all that is on this blog over to the new one. But that's far in the future. 

In the meantime, check out my facebook page and follow me on pinterest too.


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