Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pretty {cheap} Three Tier Server

A couple of weeks ago, as I was going around cleaning out
all the stuff left over from Christmas (!)
I noticed we had quite a few of those holiday cookie tins and popcorn buckets. 
I hate to waste stuff especially when a light bulb goes off and I can re-use them.
So, ahem, on Pinterest, I saw some pretty swanky 3 tier servers and I thought, "Why Not?"  
 So I got two popcorn tin covers and one cookie tin cover.
I spray painted them, let them dry and 
then took two glass candle sticks from the dollar store I had in my crafts storage. 

After all this is dry, I got out my Stampin' Up scrapbook paper.
I decided to line my "plates" to give them a little extra punch.
I first made a template of the inside area of each plate.
Then I used that to cut out the paper to line the plate with.
This is much easier to do on my Cricut but I wanted to show you in case you don't own a die cutter. {You  can also use a compass to draw a perfect circle}
Next, using spray adhesive, you will glue the paper to the plates.
Let them dry. 
Next you will go over them with some decoupage medium such as Mod Podge to protect them when using them with food.
After it's dry, you will now glue the candlesticks to the bottoms of the plates using E6000 glue or gorilla glue. I like the loctite glass glue myself.  Put some weight on them such as a book to make them stick.
Do the same for the top part of each plate.

Don't they look so cute?
I decided I can use this 3 tier stand to display some of my jewelry on my dressing area in my closet. Remember they don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

But you can use them for any thing you want.

Happy Valentine's Week :)

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