Saturday, September 15, 2012

HDR Photography

It is now the weekend and I've been feeling kinda devoid of any creative craftiness :(
That is until I sit down in front of my computer and edit photos.
I've been editing some of my sessions for the past few days, but now I 'm all caught up :)
And this is what I've been working on:

This was taken last year at the State Fair of Texas.
I had so much fun taking her picture ;)
This was edited using something called HDR. My camera has something called bracketing where it lets you take 3 shots of the image in intervals called EV's. 
I won't get into the technical details but it's so much fun to edit and share with you all!
Granted, I don't do this type of editing on my family and baby sessions because it's more of a surreal look.
But isn't it fun to look at something like this in HDR?
Here are some more I took:
I loved this door and the entrance to this home in Laredo, Texas.
Don't those strawberries look amazing?
And doesn't this lonely bench just beckon for a picnic?
And that's all I have for today.
I have been meaning to work on my little guy's dresser for the last few weeks, but I just don't have the creative "juices" for it. Have you ever found yourself in this type of funk?
What do you do to snap out of it and be creative again?

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