Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy parents and school zones!

I am always amazed at the stories Sergio tells me about picking up Aaron at school.

Like for instance the day he pulled over near the park, way before school and waited until it was almost time to get in the carpool line to pick him up. Well a woman kept honking her horn at him wanting him to move. He motioned for her to go around, since he was parked! Not blocking anyone, etc. Well this woman proceeded to leave her SUV running and came and knocked on Sergio's window. Since the window doesn't work, he opened the door. The lady (if you can call her that) got right in his face and screamed obscenities at him and wanted him to move. He explained to her that it was not school zone time yet and he could be parked there if he wanted to. He then proceeded to tell this woman it was not safe for her to come up to a parked pickup with a man in it and yell! She didn't care and continued to cuss him out. Sergio finally lost it and told her to shut the (*K% up!!

Then today, he said that a woman kept honking at him to move when he was in the carpool lane. Since it was raining there is a SYSTEM the school uses to make sure the line moves smoothly but she insisted upon getting out of her vehicle and getting her child. Even the school principal was motioning to this woman to get BACK IN HER CAR!! She gave Sergio the finger and sped around him and got out of her car anyway!

Earlier Sergio told me that while he was going down the street to the school a school bus pulled in front of him carrying the middle schoolers. It started flashing its lights and the driver was getting ready to pull out that little stop sign on the side of the bus. Well this crazy guy kept honking his horn at Sergio, to MOVE and GO! Sergio proceeded to stop as per the sign on the bus. Well this nut, leaves his car running and comes up to the window and yells at Sergio to "Move it MAN"! Sergio points to the flashing light and tells him "We're supposed to stop MORON!!" Then the guy said "Oh, .......yeah".

But at the same time another woman sped right past the school bus (going the other direction) oblivious to the fact that IN THE DRIVER'S LICENSE MANUAL IT SAYS BOTH LANES HAVE TO STOP FOR CHILDREN LOADING AND UNLOADING!

His stories never cease to amaze me. These parents GO CRAZY picking up their kids. Sheesh have some patience people.

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  1. LOL... I know it is so crazy. Those lovely examples taking their children to school... haha and these are the parents who later say. Oh no not my boy...Thanks for sharing cute post


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