Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun! 2009

This Easter weekend we went to my brother in law's Jody's farewell party at his parents'. They live out in Anna, in a beautiful 100 acre property.They have cattle and a fishing lake, a beaver dam, etc. It was so much fun! The kids got to fish and pop fireworks. I got a tour of the country and go to meet several "neighbors" along the way. It was a great time. On Sunday, we went to church and upon returning home I made lasagna and we read some scriptures. I have a Children's Bible that I read from to Aaron with pictures and simpler words so he can understand what I am talking about. I read to him some stories about the Savior and how He did not get "killed" but lovingly gave His life for us. It is important that my children understand that Jesus chose to give up his life for us and that it wasn't taken from Him. What a wonderful Sunday. As we read the scriptures I could feel the Spirit very strong in our home. We are praying for another missionary experience like the one we had several years ago. I know there are others like me searching for the truth.

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  1. What a beautiful weekend... I would love to see this beautiful property sometime.


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