Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Banish Strong Odors from Laundry

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Biz Laundry Tips

Recently our washing machine started to act funky. 
It doesn't seem to spin and drain our clothes until we manually "tell it to." We found this out the hard way. I had put in a load of laundry and left the area to go lie down about my day. When I remembered I had laundry in the washing machine, two hours had passed! And it was StIlL washing!
I stopped the cycle and noticed it wasn't going into the spin and drain cycle. Great. 
I manually set it to do so. 
I came back and thought it was done. Nope. The clothes were soaking wet. My hubby hand wringed the clothes and into the dryer they went. 
When I was putting laundry away, I noticed that load had a horrible musty smell. They had been soaking in the closed washing machine for far too long. I washed them again, still the smell lingered. 
Then I remember I had Biz. 
I ran them through once again, but this time I added only the BIZ. 
Sweet, mother of cheezus! The smell was gone. 
I was so happy to have fresh smelling laundry once again. 
I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use Biz in the first place. 

No wonder my mother swears by the stuff. 
So if you have a stain or smell you can't seem to get rid of, try some BIZ stain fighter. 
It worked wonders for me. To learn more about this wonder product visit their page here.

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Disclaimer: I received free samples of product to use, but all experiences are my own. 

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