Sunday, March 26, 2017

Laundry Tips

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Hello sweet peeps! I thought I’d use an appropriate salutation for this season ;)
It has been a hail of a night here in the Dallas area. We had some large hail and pretty bad storms but it seems they have moved on.

The weekend seems to just be a whirlwind of activity at our household as I’m sure it is in yours as well. Driving the youngest kid to his acting classes, cotillion ball
(I’ll tell you about that later; It was AWESOME) and household chores.

The chore I most loathe is doing laundry. Who’s with me? Can we just wear disposable clothing already. Sheesh.

Recently, the hubs came up to me and was complaining about his deodorant staining his work shirts. I mean it looked bad. He had to buy brand new shirts on his own dime. I remember my mom always swearing by BIZ brand bleach. Well it’s not really a bleach, but it’s an awesome stain remover. I have been using BIZ for a while myself but the light bulb hadn’t gone off in my head to use it on his shirts!

The good people at BIZ sent me a few bottles to sample. Now, this was not my first time using this brand. I am going to show a few pics of the shirts and what I did to have them disappear.

: you can see the white stains here:

Mind you, these had been washed several times already and the stain would not come off! It was sticky and white. Very visible.

I just wet the  underarm area of the shirts and rubbed in a bit of BIZ to do a pre-treatment. I let it sit for about 15 minutes then I ran them through the washer with my regular detergent and about ½ cup of BIZ.

I couldn’t believe it! That was all it took. The stains are gone! He can wear his shirts again.

Here's a brighter shot of the shirt. It was a bit difficult to show since it's black and the light reflects on it. But you get the gist. It works!
I can't wait to try it on a blouse that I LOVE but it has one pesky stubborn stain I must get rid of. What's even better is that it also eliminates odors. It's color safe and even makes colors look brighter.

Thanks BIZ for making such a great product.

To find out more about BIZ stain and odor eliminator visit their site here.

Until next time,


*this post was sponsored by BIZ and provided compensation/product for a real review. All opinions are mine and these are real results obtained by me.

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