Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Better Late Than Ever-2016 Recap

So many things to catch up on and so many stories to tell. I'll begin in October. You know I love to spend time with my sweet grandbaby and having her over every weekend, well it's just the sunshine I need every week :) 

I loved spending time with her and my son carving jack o lanterns and roasting pumpkin seeds. I loved decorating our little front porch entrance to our apartment. You can see my witch sign here that I've been making for others for years and I finally made one for myself. 

We even made a couple of deco mesh wreaths. One of Jack Skellington which we hung on our balcony!

I love it.

We then celebrated Thanksgiving at our favorite place-Tanglewood Resort at Lake Texoma. No cooking for me! 
We had a wonderful Christmas in our little place, with our little family. That's the best type of celebration for us at this place in our life. I even had the energy to make these sweet, hot chocolate shaped cake pops, complete with "marshmallow toppings". This was a chore, let me tell you. Over 4 hours of time, but oh so worth it!

This one is of the cake pops in progress 
Not perfect but my co-workers loved them!
{credit for cake pop idea and recipe goes to}

So that's a wrap for now. I have SO much to share with you guys. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


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