Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Looking Forward - Caribbean Cruise

So for the past year and a half we have been planning (and saving) for a cruise. We've NEVER been! Y'all I'm so excited! But with the move last year, sending my boy off to college, well we had to do some rearranging. So it's set for next Spring! Hurray!

It's going to be a little hard shopping for swimsuits and summer wear during these cold months but I did find this really awesome site for boardshorts!
I was contacted to see if I wanted to review their product, and being that we are going on a cruise next Spring, I said yes.

My 14 y.o. son will be wearing these on the cruise. 
He has worn them around the house just as shorts. He loves them! They are so comfy and can be worn as regular shorts and used to get in the water. 
Here's the pair he received:

Just Bones Boardwear shorts have a unique adjustable waistband that creates the perfect fit for your child, whether on land or in the water. The shorts feature an adjustable waist that discretely hides underneath a Velcro® flap at the waistband in the back.
Y'all that sealed the deal! My kid loves that they are adjustable. They are super soft and fast drying so you can hit the waves and then wear them around town. 
You can find them here:

They are for both boys and girls.

You can check out all the styles and colors at 

And you can see the video of how easy it is to adjust them here:

We will definitely be ordering some for my older son to wear on our cruise!

I highly recommend these board shorts. 

Until next time!


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