Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Anniversary and Looking Good

Hey, hey!! I haven't been blogging about my projects as often as I'd want to. 
Times sure are hectic with a full time job, home schooling my boy, my photography business and well...life.  We did take some time last weekend to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary! 
The husband and I went and spent one night at the Doubletree hotel in downtown Dallas. 
What a treat that was! 
No kids, no dog, and super comfy bed and pillows (I need to buy those for the house! Seriously)
I've been on Instagram a bit more, so you can catch updates there. I have been thinking about how as we get older we don't really pay attention to how we look. Well, at least that's where I was headed. I decided that looking good makes me feel good and you don't have to spend a ton of moolah to do that. I will be posting my daily outfits on IG once I figure out a good place that gives me good light to put a full length mirror. The fashions I wear are, of course, for women over 40. 

scarf - Hobby Lobby {yes you read that right!}
Dress-Old Navy
Close up of the scarf
Really digging those metallic arrows right now.
I will also be sharing some  beauty tips ;)
Right now I'm loving this super easy to carry compact from maskcara.co
I currently use this one:

And I also have the brush:

These are all items I have bought and paid for myself, so totally unbiased. 
I love that I can carry the foundation compact and brush in my purse for a touch up during the day. Except, even with my very oily complexion, I find I rarely have to touch it up! I was so pleasantly surprised.

Anywho, here are some pics of my anniversary weekend

                                                                Getting dolled up!
                                                Kicked off my boots after a lot of walking downtown!
Kate Spade wallet-ebay}

                                                 An IG post


That's it for now. I will definitely be back with a vengeance (well maybe not exactly a vengeance per say) tomorrow!



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